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Finite Element Analysis of heavy lifting equipments

KI Technologies has vast experience in finite element analysis techniques and has produced and verified many finite element models, ranging from small single components to large heavy structures and machinery. These FEA simulations are excellent for developing and evaluating design scenarios as well as optimizing final design solutions of lifting machines and components .

Typical FEA activities offers by KI Tech

KI Technologies has performed analysis services for a number of industries, We do offers our FEA consulting Services and different types of analysis for Mining equipment, cranes and lifting devices etc. Although finite element analyses are typically used to evaluate structure stresses, the following types of analyses are available:

  • Strength Analysis - Stress/strain analysis
  • Modal analysis, where structure natural frequencies are determined
  • Buckling analysis based on Euler buckling modes
  • Durability analysis -Fatigue life evaluation to predict whether a part or structure will crack over time
  • Optimisation – reducing material and manufacturing costs
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Weld Analysis
  • Many more
Why to Use FEA Analysis Services?

Determining a structure’s response to mechanical, thermal and other loads, thus resolving issues without arduous manual iterations or prototyping

  • Analysis helps evaluate failures.
  • Iterate your redesign if required!
  • Helps you to reduce the risk involved.
  • Develop deep product knowledge and quantify trade-offs.
  • Predict long term problems like creep and cracking.
  • Get to market faster, with fewer prototypes.
  • Optimize your designs to reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Conduct engineering failure analysis and root cause analyze.