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Static Analysis

Static structural analysis is the most common type of FE analysis used to predict the deformation, a parts under investigation, for a range of loads which ensures structural integrity of the systers. Our Services. Fn design to virtual product validation with extensive experience, me provides a complete range of product denga de (FEA) element analysis services, optimization of a design, prototyping & Simulation services for EV Industry, Al Off' Road Vehicles, Industrial Machinery & Equipments, Consumer Durables & Medical Equipmeats, Aerospace : Engineering. Our services help individuals and businesses take their ideas from initial design to final product thro and cost saving methods. Our services can help you by offloading design and engineering work and allowing you to ca core business matters.

Design Optimizations FEA Project

KI Technologies offer various design optimization services from start to end. Challenge to our Sciwor arm project is to Optimize the design to make it lightweight and stiffer compared to the existing steel material design. To prepare a detailed comparison report of the existing and proposed design considering two different 3D printing materials and give appropriate soggestions for design optimization. KI Technologies is supporting manufacturing companies in product engineering to create innorative products, reduc costs, shorten development cycles time and bring products to the market faster.

Dynamic Analysis

KI Technologies offers various dynamic analysis services starting from Natural Frequency Response Analysis of the Chassis Frame to validate the frame design frequency placed comfort at a level for the human body and checking the resonance frequency of the design. Harmonic analysis to validate EV design for external excitation load, Transient dynamic analysis, and random vibration analysis can also be used to validate the design for road load and shock load data.