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Our Services, From conceptual design to virtual product validation with extensive experience, we provides a complete range of product design & validation, Finite (FEA) element analysis services, optimization of a design , prototyping.& Simulation services for Automotive & Rail, Off Road Vehicles, Industrial  Machinery & Equipments, Consumer Durables & Medical Equipments, Aerospace, Tractors, Agricultural machinery, Additive Manufacturing and Civil Engineering


In mechanical engineering, the term reverse engineering (often abbreviated to RE) is used to summarise the process of reconstructing an object that already exists. The process begins with our designers working with the finished product and following through the design process in reverse, resulting in the dimensions and specification attributed to the original object, known as design intent. During this process, vital information about the geometry, size material and manufacturing methods is discovered.

RE is beneficial across a number of areas, including competitor analysis, legacy component reproduction or Original Equipment Manufacturer testing and investigation. It is most often used when the original manufacturing drawings no longer exist, or as manufactured parts require assessment and development.

Advantage of Reverse Engineering with KI Technologies experts

The process of reverse engineering is particularly cost effective if the items to be reverse engineered represent a significant financial investment or will be reproduced in large quantities. Another advantage presented by reverse engineering is in compressing the product development cycle. In a highly competitive global market, manufacturers constantly strive to shorten lead-times to bring a new product to market. With reverse engineering, a 3D model can be quickly captured in digital form and remodelled if necessary or exported for a variety of manufacturing methods such as Additive Manufacturing, Vacuum Casting or CNC machining.

  • Time and cost-effective way to produce models and products.
  • Design a new part to fit to a legacy part.

  • Update CAD models of your tooling to match shop-floor changes.
  • Modernize your manufacturing process

  • Obtain CAD data that captures an object’s original design intent.

  • Accurately model performance surfaces.
  • Redesign a part without manufacturing defects.


We use non-contact 3d scanning equipment, portable cmm, and laser scanner solutions to integrate 3d modeling processes into a single step.

Our consultative, problem solving process will help you quantify performance goals and ultimately get you the deliverable you need. We provide a way to generate CAD files and update or create as-built documentation. Reverse engineering allows users to quickly digitize a part or object and create a fully surfaced CAD model which can then be used to reproduce an item. Accuracy in 3D scanning and modeling guarantees the results you need.



KI Technologies  is dedicated to helping other companies, organizations and individuals create unique and innovative products . We provide access to high-quality product design and development services and get involved in every step of the development cycle, from strategy and concept development to design, prototyping, testing and refinement .

In today’s competitive business set-up, a challenge faced by companies is continuously evolving product development life cycle elements such as reducing product design and development time, enhancing quality, production optimization, and cost pressures. For a product development company, it is essential to incorporate constant innovation since technology evolves on an everyday basis. We provide end-to-end product design and development services from solution designing to delivery.

In Automotive Innovation Facility Automobile Design Engineer Working on 3D Holographic Model Projection of Electric Car. Futuristic Concept of Virtual and Augmented Realty Use.

Product Design – Making your to life

In some cases, inventors have unrealistic expectations about the product design process, so here are a few tips to help you understand what can happen.

Once your product is 3D printed and takes physical form, there may need to be slight changes carried out, once, twice, or more. As part of this process, our team has to make changes and 3D print your model again to make sure you are satisfied. Once the 3D model is ready, it may not mean it is ready to be manufactured. We may still encounter unforeseen challenges.

When you are ready for manufacturing, the team has to go back to their CAD drawings and make a production intent design that is manufacturable. At this point they look into details like wall thickness, drafts, steel safe conditions, tolerances, and material selection. The level of detail will be reflected in the moulds that will generate each of the parts of your idea. Because this is the most crucial part of making your idea come to life, this phase takes a lot of time